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Enjoy Some You-Time

Whether it’s nature or nuture you are looking for, watching the ocean and chatting with the locals costs nothing at all!

Charming touches....

Your creative host is not only artistic, but has a way with plants, too.  Look out for beautiful living arrangements.

Humpback Whales

The Whales visit our coastline regularly from April to November, and dolphins even more often.


Swim in the Tidal Pool

The Ifafa Beach tidal pool is a safe place to swim - away from the larger creatures of the deep!

Ifafa Beach Superama

The Ifafa Beach Superama on the way towards the beach will be happy to supply your family's picnic needs. Meals, Snacks and Supplies Available

Shad Fishing

Ifafa Beach

"Relax! Time to listen to the ocean and walk on the beach!"
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Not fancy, but with all that Creation can offer in waves and wind and welcomes.

A place and space to rest, relax, or run and roam – away from home.